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First Aid -Post-COVID - Personal Hygiene and handwashing

Updated: Sep 27, 2023

The unprecedented challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic have transformed several facets of our lives. As a first-aid training provider, believes in keeping our community updated. First aid, a critical health and safety component, has seen significant shifts in light of this pandemic. Here's how first aid practices have evolved in the post-COVID scenario.


  • A look back at the overwhelming influence of the COVID-19 pandemic on global health.

  • Emphasising the redefined norms of first aid in the post-COVID world, a crucial topic frequently discusses.

The Enhanced Role of Personal Hygiene:

  • The essence of regular handwashing, a primary preventive measure, before and after administering first aid.

  • Sanitisers: Learn from about the indispensable role of alcohol-based sanitisers, especially when soap and water are out of reach.

PPE in First Aid – A Crucial Update:

  • Masks: Dive into their enhanced importance in curbing transmission, especially when assisting a patient.

  • Gloves: stresses the need for disposable gloves, now more than ever when tending to wounds.

  • Eye protection, disposal methods, and more: Stay informed with the latest from on these essentials.

Navigating Respiratory Distress in a COVID-19 Era:

  • Spotting respiratory distress signs, especially those hinting at a potential COVID-19 case.

  • As always, recommends the safest positions for those battling breathlessness.

  • The amplified need to alert emergency services without delay.

Refining Traditional First Aid Techniques:

  • Administering CPR with protective barriers: Understand the 'how-tos' with insights from

  • Updated guidelines on the use of AEDs and more, only at

Mental Health First Aid – The Emerging Frontier:

  • Unravel the increased importance of mental health first aid; a subject passionately educates about.

  • Recognising anxiety symptoms and providing immediate assistance is made easy with guidance from

Stepping into Post-COVID First Aid Training:

  • The transition to online and blended first aid courses: Discover the benefits and offerings at

  • Stay abreast of the modified protocols and guidelines in this ever-changing pandemic backdrop.

Revamping Your First Aid Kit for the New Normal:

  • Key inclusions like masks and sanitisers, backed by expert advice from

  • Regular checklists and updates to ensure your first aid kit is post-COVID ready, courtesy of


The health terrain is shifting, and as always emphasises, staying informed and prepared is vital. For the most recent updates, tools, and resources on first aid in the post-COVID world, count on



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