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At First Aid Course WA, we are dedicated to offering accessible and dependable first-aid training for individuals, organisations, and communities. We firmly believe that life-saving skills and resources should be available to everyone, and we are resolute in our commitment to fostering safety and preparedness in all facets of life. We aspire to become the foremost first aid training provider, where every individual possesses the knowledge and tools to respond effectively to emergencies and where communities flourish in their safety, well-being, and readiness. Our ultimate mission is to be instrumental in saving lives, preventing injuries, and constructing a secure, flourishing, and resilient world.

Our team comprises of certified professionals who uphold the highest standards of quality and ethical practice, with an unwavering focus on delivering exceptional customer service. Whether you are an individual seeking to acquire new skills or an organization requiring first-aid training for your employees, we are dedicated to supporting you in every way possible.

Notably, all our courses hold national recognition, and we provide training in partnership with ABC First Aid (RTO 3399), ensuring the utmost credibility and industry alignment.

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